1932: Seventeen women gathered at their first meeting place, 518 11th Avenue South, which was donated by Mrs. E.W. Crayton and Mrs. W.L. Clark. The founding president was Doris Gandees. Early meeting minutes indicate that the charter members often proposed improvements, serving as the “community redevelopment agency” of that time.

1937: Club members served Sunday night suppers at Lions’ Club to raise funds. They provided milk to undernourished school children.

1942: Club members served in many capacities during the war years: airplane-spotters, Red Cross volunteers, and pen-mothers to servicemen and women abroad. They organized the local USO project, turning the local railroad station into a recreation center and stocked a local first-aid emergency station.

1944: First “Teen Club” dances in Naples were held at the Naples Woman’s Club; later a Youth Recreation Program was started. The famous “loan closet” was established at this time for prostheses, wheelchairs, care of the sick, and emergency help.

1949: Club sponsored a very successful “Casino Party” at the Beach Club Hotel. Club became officially federated with GFWC Florida Clubs (PKA Florida Federation of Woman’s Clubs) and General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Members sponsored seminars and developed plans for a medical clinic; this enterprise eventually led to the founding of the Naples Community Hospital.

1950: Lots were purchased on Park Street for the future Club. Planning and preparation for the “New Building at 570 Park Street.”

1951: Construction started on the new Clubhouse. A famous block party with movie star, Gary Cooper, was a highlight of the project. “Open House” was held in November. NWC responsible for STOP signs at intersections; house numbers on homes and businesses; beautification of homes; and the formation of the Naples Garden Club, which had its beginnings as an NWC committee to offer help for resident gardeners

1952: The first thrift shop was opened at Four Corners (corner of 9th & 5th) with rummage sale merchandise. The shop was managed briefly by the newly formed Naples Junior Woman’s Club. There were several members of NWC that served with the original staff of the first local Girl Scout Troop in Naples.

1954: The first Naples Woman’s Club nursing scholarship was awarded.

1955: NWC purchased the two west lots adjoining the Club which initiated an additional building for the Club.

1956: Architect selected and contract awarded for additional Club construction.

1957: Naples Woman’s Club hosted the GFWC FL Annual State Board Meeting. 25th Anniversary Luncheon observed by the Club. Doris Gandees, NWC founder, started “Friends of the Library” by creating a reading room in the NWC Club. Club members collected 7,000 books.

1958: Thrift Shop moved into a newly purchased building at 137 Tenth Street North, owned and operated by NWC volunteers.

1959: The Naples Woman’s Club 7,000 volume library was turned over to Collier County Library Association. The local public library then moved to the Third Street South building.

1961: The First “Visiting Nurses Council” was established by NWC.

1963: The Building adjacent to the Thrift Shop was purchased for expansion of the NWC Thrift Shop.

1966: NWC took an active interest in the support and development of “Fun Time Nursery” (daycare for working mothers). Members also provided new street benches along Fifth Avenue South.

1967: Naples Woman’s Club observes their 35th Anniversary at their Annual President’s Luncheon. The history of the first 35 years of NWC service to the community: “Friday’s Children” by Kathryn Post, was published. Also, the first publication of the NWC newsletter became a reality. A long-range planning program was started and NWC picked up the tab for the First Symphony Youth Concert.

1968: Purchase of lot south of the NWC Club for additional parking. The Club office and parlor were established.

1969: Burning of the mortgage for the Club and Thrift Shop was celebrated at President’s Luncheon. Naples Woman’s Club was hostess to GFWC State Board Meeting. Community Improvement Program for the establishment of Youth Haven (a home for dependent children). NWC won the Parade Marshall’s trophy on their first-time entry in the Swamp Buggy Parade.

1970: Youth Haven incorporated. Landsite contributed; capital funds and endowment funds secured; and there was a groundbreaking for the Youth Haven building. NWC brings home top honors from GFWC FL for the Community Improvement Program of “Save the Alligators.” The extensive two-year project brought about new state legislation.

1971: Youth Haven building was completed. NWC provided 131,430 hours of service to the Youth Haven project, along with $44,000 in monetary contributions.

1972: Purchased third addition to NWC Thrift Shop. Sponsored A.I.D.E.S. to Teachers Program. Held the “Holiday Tour of Homes.”   Sponsored the Collier County “Woman of the Year” competition in conjunction with local church and civic groups.

1973: Purchased fourth addition to Thrift Shop. Sponsored Miss America 1973, Terry Anne Meeuwsen, at the Naples Swamp Buggy Parade. Held “firecracker socials,” and card parties for the community. Initiated an American “Cultural Heritage Program” which featured a Seminole Indian Festival and an authentic luau party. Provided financial support to: Merihu Park, Lowdermilk Park and Cambier Park, Seminole Park, and Cypress Nature Center with a donation of $3,600. Donation of $8,000 to Y.M.C.A. Philanthropies provided over $40,000. We entered the Swamp Buggy Race with a 1932 Ford coupe with a rumble seat.

1974: Spearheaded the local war on drugs by bringing the “The Seed and Drug Rehabilitation Awareness Program” to Naples. This was a two-year Community Improvement Project. Redecorated the interior of Club. Continued A.I.D.E.S. to schools & A.I.D.E.S to Conservancy; both projects involved financial and volunteer program support.

1975: Community Improvement Program –Teen Club was re-formed with meetings held at the NWC Club. NWC initiated the support with other Collier County agencies joining us later to create the opening of a Youth Center for Teens.

1976: Built addition on back of Clubhouse and remodeled the Thrift Shop block.

1977: Expanded “Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Program” throughout schools of Collier County. Sponsored first “Substance Abuse Prevention” Essay Contest in Collier County Schools.

1978: Co-sponsored “Awareness ‘78” and first southwest Florida Alcoholism Symposium. NWC members were very active with The Conservancy, Naples Community Hospital Auxiliary, and the Mental Health Clinic. The NWC Thrift Shop grossed $78,000 in 1978. A Thrift Shop Board of Directors was instituted to manage the shop under the chairmanship of Louise Prothero.

1979: Renovated Clubhouse for energy efficiency and improved lighting. Launched “Positive Alternatives” as a two-year Community Improvement Program with 35 women and 44 presentations. Focus on retirement pitfalls related to Mental Health & Anxiety. NWC joined this support with a Proclamation to the Board of County Commissioners for the education and prevention of drug abuse programs.

1980: Initiated a circulating library at the Club for members. $28,000 donated for philanthropic projects.

1981: Community Improvement Program led to the opening of a Naples area home for battered women and their children. Helped to establish a “Safe Place” for shelter from spousal abuse. Promoted and co-sponsored with Palmer Cablevision and local civic groups a series of Public Service Informative and Educational Programs. 30th Anniversary of the Club on Park Street. Sponsored “International Tea” Celebration.

1982: Marked “50 years of Service.” Purchased a van to pick up donations for the Thrift Shop.

1983: Supported the Conservancy by funding the resurfacing of an existing naturalist building. Woman’s Club continues the battle against Domestic Violence with 52 weekly series of programs, “Neapolitans in Action” and our continuing effort to help victims of spouse abuse.

1984: Erected Vietnam Veteran’s Monument in Cambier Park. Hosted the FFWC District 12 Art Festival. Staged a historical show “Pageantry of America the Beautiful.”

1985: Replaced main air conditioning and heating systems in Clubhouse.

1986: Presented $17,000 in Scholarships to local high school students. Began the “Youth City Council.”

1987: New speaker system installed in the Clubhouse. New air conditioning system installed at the Thrift Shop and Club. Equipped Comptroller’s Office at Y.M.C.A. Provided alcoholism Prevention Program. Donated $26,000 for community philanthropic programs.

1988: Completed financial pledge to Y.M.C.A. Gave $12,000 in Scholarships to local high school graduates and $22,000 in donations to the community. Started a monthly “Arts and Crafts” achievement award.

1989: Replaced the roof and air conditioning system at Clubhouse. Gave $16,000 in scholarships to local high school graduates. Donated $5,000 to Shelter for Abused Women. Supported the “Philharmonic for the Arts Building Program.” Dramatic costumed “reprise” of the 1985 presentation of “America the Beautiful” performed at the Club.

1990: Opened a Furniture Shop. Redecorated the Club. Donated a sign at new headquarters of GFWC FL. Held Woman’s Health Workshop on Breast Cancer. Celebrated the Centennial of GFWC by honoring four local women as Naples’ Women of Achievement. One of the honorees was selected as a Florida Woman of Achievement. Original Program “Through the Looking Glass” was written and performed by NWC Board members—sharing memories of NWC history and GFWC involvement.

1991: Enlarged the office at the Clubhouse. Hosted the “Fall Federation Officers’ Tour.” Held a long-term healthcare workshop at the Club. Began the “Calendar of Caring” for nursing homes. During the Persian Gulf Crisis, NWC adopted the Battalion “The Golden Griffins from North Carolina” who were guests of NWC and the City of Naples for the “Parade of Patriotism” on July Fourth. Sponsored the Conservancy and their Sea Turtle Project. $30,000 in scholarships and donations awarded.

1992: Dorothy Edwards Foundation formed, giving non-academic scholarships for continuing education. Celebrated “Sixty Years of Sisterhood” with an Anniversary Tea in January. By Proclamation, we were honored by the City of Naples – October 7-October 14, 1992, designated as “Naples Woman’s Club Week.” $35,000 in Philanthropic giving; the NWC Thrift Shoppe is our largest source of revenue for the NWC philanthropies. Front page of Naples News spotlight was on our original skit for an NWC monthly program “Fractured Fashions.”

1993: An NWC logo and banner was created. Resurfaced Club and meeting room roofs. Gave $35,000 to philanthropic projects. Supported Public Television Campaign with volunteers helping to raise over $100,000. Supported “Adopt-A Teacher” program and donated 500 books to Village Oakes Elementary School. Sponsored a special Arts Program with United Arts Council; a clown parade; and a special “Drama & Arts Day” was held at Immokalee Day Care for pre-school children with a costumed, interactive version of “The Wizard of Oz.”

1994: NWC created a Scholarship Fund for “Environmental Studies” at Gulf Coast University. Received 25 GFWC FL Awards for recognition of outstanding volunteer service and club activities. Won Judy Lutz GFWC FL Award for our Woman’s & Juniors Clubs interactions. Donated $30,000 back to the community.

1995: Received Lois B. Perkins Award for “Best Club in Florida” with 34 GFWC FL awards, served 40,000 volunteer hours; gave $30,878 for scholarships and philanthropy. Evening meetings established. NWC past president was named by GFWC FL as one of 100 “Women Who Made A Difference”. Redevelopment on Fifth Avenue was the Community Improvement Program. Young Woman’s Club of Naples was formed (Juniorettes). NWC surpassed $2,000,000 “Level of Giving” since the inception of the Club in 1932.

1996: Won GFWC FL “Club of the Year Award” with over 40 awards. Contributed $40,000 in scholarships and philanthropies. Approved $75,000 renovation of Club and Thrift Shop. Recognized 50th Anniversary of end of World War II by hosting a luncheon for the 82nd Airborne Division. Celebrated public library’s 40th anniversary with a $500 grant. 40,000 volunteer hours.

1997: Celebrated the Clubs’ 65th Anniversary with our first President, 90-year-old Doris Gandees, serving as Grand Marshal of the City’s Fourth of July parade. Contributed $40,000 to scholarship recipients and philanthropic projects. Involved with the new Cambier Park Playground renovation. Recognized by City Proclamation, as “an integral positive force in the Naples area.”

1998: Won GFWC FL Lois B Perkins Leadership Award. Contributed $50,000 for scholarships and philanthropies. Concluded a four-year, $8,000 Community Improvement Project of Naples downtown renewal, by supporting efforts of new “homes” for the Art Association and Naples Players, new Cambier Park playground, and provided seed money to launch a long-term “Art-in-Public Places” campaign in conjunction with the 5th Avenue South Association.

1999: Celebrated “Fifty years of Federation.”  Reintroduced a Gala luncheon fashion show. The first Louise Prothero Leadership Scholarship was presented. Over $55,000 contributed to scholarships and philanthropies. Audiocassettes of NWC history 1932-1967, as stated in “Friday’s Children” by Kathryn S. Post, became available in the NWC “lending library.”

2000: A Commemorative marker, recognizing the historical significance of the Naples Woman’s Club, was installed on site. $60,000 contributed to scholarships and philanthropies. Renovated our kitchen and installed new phone system. Held a July 4th luncheon for over 300 servicemen, civic officials and members. Endowment funds for Prothero Scholarship and Dorothy Edwards transferred, for financial administration, to Community Foundation Collier County.

2001: September 12 “The Gathering” a special tribute “Remembrance Luncheon” held at NWC in memory of September 11 disaster. $71,000 contributed to scholarships and philanthropies. Building Fund established. “Start with the Arts” teacher training program began. Non-meeting bag lunches were held in the summer months. Thrift Shop roof and air conditioners replaced. $7,000 Award bestowed to NWC from the Friedenwald Memorial Fund. NWC provided $60,000 in scholarships and philanthropy.

2002: Celebrated our 70th Club Anniversary and 50 years of Thrift Shop operations with a fashion show, card party, and an NWC cookbook. The Honorable Bonnie MacKenzie, Mayor of Naples, proclaimed “Naples Woman’s Club Day” with a special award. Honored at the Naples Art Association. $90,000 donated in scholarships and philanthropy. 40,000 hours of volunteer service. $1,000 donated for educational brochures for “Art in Public Places” sculptures and artists. A new shop manager hired; air conditioning system, washing facilities, and a new van were purchased for the Thrift Shop. A new security gate was installed on the main parking lot at the Club. Members participated in the July 4th parade and the new Veteran’s Day parade. Two new annual high school student awards were created by the Philanthropy Committee for excellence in Community Service. The Community Improvement program was “The Learning Center” in Immokalee for pre-school and at-risk children. 

2003: “Key to the City” awarded to NWC by City Council. NWC President’s Community Project provided furnishings & decorations for the Neighborhood Clinics’ second-floor office in their new building and delivered and served meals weekly for medical professional volunteers at the clinic. Club roof was resurfaced. Gala fashion show and card parties and special auctions provided Ways & Means funds. Good attendance at evening meetings. Started annual caroling at Naples Community Hospital. $90,000 in donations and scholarships awarded and over 45,000 volunteer hours was devoted to our community. NWC history of “Giving” exceeds $2,500,000.

2004: Scholarship awards were given in memory of past-presidents, Beth Gillham and Anna Schmidt, philanthropic supporters of the annual Bazaar fundraisers. Thrift Shop was remodeled and reopened with ribbon cutting ceremony by the Mayor. $2,000 Award from Friedenwald Grant was given as Scholarship Award in memory of Geraldine Smith, (Mrs. Roy W. Smith) past-president of NWC for three terms. NWC ornament of “Naples Pier” wins GFWC Award. President’s Project initiated financial education classes and career shadowing days for Boys & Girls Club. “Peggy Post” fundraiser held. $90,000 awarded in donations and scholarships. 35,000 service hours dedicated to the community.

2005: $98,000 in donations and scholarships awarded. Friedenwald Memorial Fund bestows five-year, $45,000 grant to NWC. International Affairs fundraiser provided a $10,000 donation to Doctor’s Without Border’s. NWC receives a grant from Community Foundation of Collier County and GFWC. Journalism Scholarship awarded in memory of Past-President, Lorry Ullrich. $16,000 received in donations for Beryl B. Paulson Memorial Fund; Endowment Funds to provide annual Beryl B. Paulson Memorial Scholarship is established. Vote passed on three-year lease of the 10th St. Property (NWC Thrift Shop). Rental revenues benefit NWC projects, scholarships and philanthropies. NWC office refurbished with new computer, equipment and furniture. Three original paintings valued at $10,000 by Thomas P. Millsap, Jr. is gifted to NWC by Patricia and Russell Fleischman, Naples Art Association and the Von Liebig Art Center for NWC’s dedication and outreach to Naples’ community. Sponsored an art therapy program for area nursing homes through our Home Life Committee. Repairs to both properties by damage from Hurricane Charlie. Hosted GFWC FL Fall Officers’ Tour. Charlene Carruth, GFWC FL President, received “Key to the City” from Mayor Barnett. A new site-development committee was organized and we hosted Naples “charrettes” and “call back” meetings at NWC Club for development project ideas for Park Street. “Bonnie’s Butterfly Boutique” held as fundraiser in memory of NWC member, Hon. Bonnie MacKenzie, former Mayor of Naples. Over 40,000 volunteer hours recorded. Doris Gandees, NWC Founder and first President, passed away.

2006: NWC President, Patricia Stentz, represented Naples’ Club at GFWC installation of officers in Denver, Colorado. GFWC Officers’ Retreat for Jacquelyn Pierce, GFWC President, her staff and state officers, held in August at NWC Club and we received a plaque of appreciation. New NWC Logo and magnetic nametags introduced. A $2,000 Doris Gandees Nursing Scholarship was provided through the Friedenwald Grant. Carroll & Carroll appraisal of NWC properties at Park St. properties valued at $9,500,000; 10th St. property estimate was $700,000. Art Scholarship established with matching funds from Friedenwald Grant, Art Committee and Naples Art Association. Celebrity Jane Seymour donates original watercolor of red hibiscus, our club flower (valued at $2,500) to NWC. First “Antique Show,” was a fundraiser for a rediscovered charity “Reach Out to Cancer Kids.” Sew Much Comfort Committee started to aid wounded service men and women by sewing breakaway clothing for amputees. Purchased laptop computer and software with $2000 grant from Community Foundation of Collier County. Repairs to both properties by damage from Hurricane Wilma. New NWC medallion charm made of silver & gold was created by Cleopatra’s Barge in anticipation of 75 years of celebration activities. Original watercolor of NWC Club donated by artist NWC Art Chair, Marge Scheer. $15,000 in donations received for Beryl B. Paulson Memorial Scholarship Fund. $75,000 awarded in scholarships and donations and 40,000 volunteer hours.

2007: NWC 75th Birthday celebrations fundraisers were a “Kick-off” party at the Club and “Grande Gala” at Grey Oaks Country Club. Empowering Women Committee becomes Standing Committee and hosts events to raise funds to match prior member Dora Valentine’s Family $500 annual donation; creates first annual $1,000 scholarship for a single abused mother to return to school. Launched first NWC Website ( Public Affairs and Conservation committees provide support and participation in southwest Florida’s “Water Conservation Project.” NWC building committee retired due to economic conditions. $12,000 donated to Beryl B. Paulson Memorial Fund. $60,000 in philanthropic awards and scholarships and 30, 000 service hours volunteered. Held second annual Antique Show. Hosted a reception to celebrate 50th year of the Public Library.

2008: Spruce-up fundraiser with $20,000 to redecorate NWC Club. Sew Much Comfort became a Standing Committee. New tri-color NWC Brochure created. Purchase of second laptop and NWC Website support provided by $2000 Grant from Community Foundation. Club front parking lot resurfaced. District 12 Arts & Craft Competition held by NWC at Von Liebig Art Center. $65,000 in scholarships and donations awarded and 23,000 volunteer service hours from the members. Third Annual Antique Show held. Hosted the 50 Year Celebration for “Friends of the Library” that Doris Gandees founded. The original local library was housed in the current Club that was built in 1951.

2009: The Thrift Shop property sale at 10th St. was approved by unanimous vote at Presidents’ Annual Luncheon Meeting. Spruce-up of Clubhouse nears completion. GFWC presented and gifted NWC with a photograph of Jacquelyn Pierce, GFWC President 2006-2008. “Luck of the Draw” and “American Bandstand” fundraisers provided needed funds. 4th Annual Antique Show held in March. $50,000 in scholarships and donations and 15,000 volunteer hours were given to our Collier County community.

2010: New signature fundraising event raised $50,000 as NWC members and Naples Art Association joined hands to host “Dining for Philanthropy.” NWC provided over $70,000 in scholarships and donations and refocused on fundraising, service, community interaction and growth.

2011: Friedenwald Memorial Fund completes their five-year $45,000 grant and overall grants total $75,000. Second Annual Dining for Philanthropy raised $32,500. The Arts Dept. hosted the District 12 Art Show and raised funds for a $1,000 Art Talent Award. Chaired by Jacquelyn Pierce, NWC provides 95 filled hat boxes, valued at $5,000, to the Shelter for Abused Women & Children annual luncheon. Historical landmark in our philanthropic history as NWC provides over $3,000,000 the Collier County Community in scholarships and donations since 1932. NWC volunteers have clocked well over three million volunteer hours in 79 years of history with service activities, community projects and service at the thrift shop.

2012: 80th Anniversary Year. NWC hosted the Fall Officers’ Tour for the Annual District 12 meeting with Pat Zazzarino, President of GFWC Florida, as special guest speaker. Membership is up 20%. Updated website Two new air conditioning units were installed. Social and fundraising events were Glitter Girls, Dining for Philanthropy, Valentine Family Scholarship luncheon; Flea market and Community Improvement Committee Boutique. A benefit concert at Sugden Theater celebrated NWC history and 34,000 volunteer hours.

2013: Members voted to sell the South parking lot to the City of Naples for public parking. Funds are earmarked for philanthropic outreach and building improvements to the Club. With a membership increase of 25%, the coveted “Shoe Award” was presented to NWC from Florida Federated Clubs. First Annual “Kitchen Tour of Port Royal” fundraiser was sold out before any media advertising began. Glitter Girls’ luncheon, Flea Market, Dining for Philanthropy and fashion show raised additional monies. NWC participated in the VIVA Florida 500 celebration of the Naples library and history. Mayor John Sorey buried a time capsule at The Depot with written historical highlights of NWC accomplishments and service to the community encapsulated. Club name officially approved by the State of Florida as: GFWC Naples Woman’s Club, Inc. Website updated:

2014: Ribbon cutting ceremony, officiated by Naples’ Mayor John Sorey, marked the opening of the landmark renovation of the Club. Conservation honored former Naples Mayor, Bonnie MacKenzie, by creating special butterfly garden on the property. 20% increase in membership and 48,000 volunteer hours, led by Home Life. $45,000 was given to 25 high school graduates for educational scholarships. Second Annual Kitchen Tour was a sold-out event for 500 attendees; raised $50,000 with $27,000 donated to three local nonprofit organizations. 6th Annual Dining for Philanthropy raised $43,000 with 13 themed dinner party venues hosted by members’ in their homes. Fourth Annual Flea Market, Empowerment of Women, Holiday Boutique and Annual Holiday Tea raised additional monies for philanthropy. New “Author Talk” and Social Networking programs were hosted at the club. Juniorettes Program was revived at Manatee Middle School. Overall $170,000 raised with fundraising events and member programs and over 48,000 volunteer hours.

2015: A record-breaking year as NWC celebrated the Third Annual Kitchen Tour raising $66,500; $46,000 from Dining for Philanthropy; and $5,700 from the Flea Market.  Twenty-six educational scholarships were awarded to students totaling $52,500 and NWC donated $40,500 to local organizations. Member Blanche Hawkins and her husband graciously offered to match $50,000 from the Hawkins Family Foundation to provide additional NWC scholarships. The “Circle of Support Founding Members Club” was created for any member donating $1,000 or more to the matching fund. $60,000 was donated by NWC members to the “Circle of Support.” New NWC programs are Book Club, Bridge, Mah Jongg, expanding the Juniorette’s Club, and $25,000 rental program. We were saddened by the loss of four wonderful members:  Eileen Steen, Pat Trowbridge, Nancy Ward and Mary Brown.  Mayor Sorey presented City Proclamation celebrating 125-year anniversary of GFWC. Membership reached 285 thus changing the traditional “bring a dish” to our general meetings to catered luncheon meetings.  NWC rebranded the Club logo and is well known for our helping hands and truly living up to the GFWC slogan: “Living the Volunteer Spirit.” The President’s gavel was turned over from Lee Kraus (with many thanks) to Jalna MacLaren.

2016-2017: Celebrated the 85th Year of the NWC at the Annual President’s Luncheon. Thirty-five educational scholarships were granted, two Community Service Awards, and ten Awards to Community Service agencies totaling $145,300. The membership totaled 332 members. The Circle of Support Appeal generated $56,000. Special thanks for the generosity of members Liz Becton-Reed, Carol Chiu, and Blanche Hawkins, the top 3 donors. In addition, top member sponsors of the Kitchen Tour and Dining for Philanthropy combined were Roberta Barr and Nancy Quinter. A new organizational structure was adopted to allow for a more efficient oversite of committees and administration of the NWC. The NWC President’s Project: Shelter for Abused Women and Children Human Trafficking Initiative supported the Laundry facility for the new shelter in Immokalee with a $10,000 donation from money raised by the Kitchen Tour. In addition, a transitional cottage was furnished and appointed for a family in transition. The Community Improvement Project supported the Drug Free Collier program to address the drug epidemic that exists in our community.

2017-2018: Membership was capped at 300. Thirty-four Educational Scholarships were awarded and grants totaling $42,740 were given to community non-profit organizations. The Community Foundation was solicited to assist in the organization and distribution of scholarships. Support for the transitional cottage for abused women and children continued. A new investment committee was formed to provide guidance and oversite of finances. A Vice-President of Administration position was added to the Board to oversee building and administrative operations. Fundraisers included the 6th Annual Kitchen Tour, the Holiday Artisan Boutique, the Flea Market, Dining for Philanthropy, Author Talk, and a Vintage Jewelry Sale at the Presidents’ Luncheon.


Membership in the Club continued to be strong, with a long waiting list at our capped 300 members. In both years, we held the annual fundraisers (Holiday Artisan Marketplace, Flea Market, Kitchen Tour, Empowering Women’s Luncheon, Circle of Support, building rentals, plus we added an online shopping site for logo merchandise).  Scholarships and grants were awarded each year, with over $230,000 dedicated to both philanthropic areas in 2020.  We launched a new NWC Website and moved to online reservations and information delivery to members. The remodel of the Clubhouse was completed (bathrooms), and we added an updated AV system. We began a positive relationship with Providence House, outfitting the cottages for its residents and improving some aspects of the site. As the COVID-19 pandemic approached, events in late winter and spring of 2020 were curtailed, such as the Presidents’ Luncheon and the Scholarship Reception.


We began our new administration in April of 2020, the month that the country shut down because of the COVID 19 Pandemic, which marked the beginning of a new way of operating our NWC.  Based on a survey we conducted, the majority of the members stated they would continue to attend and serve, as long as we followed the mandated health guidelines. These mandates were the beginning of many “firsts” for NWC.  We changed our Bylaws so that we could communicate and vote electronically.  Our member, Suzanne King, and her husband Clark provided the funds for us to install a new audio/visual system, so we could live-stream our meetings to members who were unable to attend in person.  Masks and social distancing were our new normal.  We began having Zoom Board Meetings which allowed us to plan and modify our fundraisers so that we could accommodate the new guidelines.  Our focus was to help those who were struggling with hunger and homelessness.  With that goal in mind, we began our Culinary Adventure Luncheons to help the restaurants that were struggling to survive.  During 2021, we had some of the best PR in the history of NWC, and that allowed us to be successful in all our fundraising endeavors; we managed to raise $398,160 in donations, scholarships, and grants. In addition, we received $11,904 in in-kind donations. Our dedicated members spent 27,863 hours, serving on 167 projects, which enabled us to accomplish our NWC mission, to enhance the lives of others in our community through our philanthropic activities and volunteer services.  At the end of 2021, we reported 268 members to GFWC.


The Pandemic raged on with newer strains of the virus and more vaccines to combat them.  NWC continued with our goal: addressing hunger and homelessness in our community by following the modifications we had developed last year. We continued to utilize our outside area by using tents to host events.  We also completed the divider wall and new kitchen door that allowed us to have two separate areas, not only could we serve our Club needs, but now we had the ability to rent one large or two completely separated areas to the public.  NWC saw record numbers of women interested in joining our club.  We added an additional Membership Tea in March of 2022 bringing our total membership, at our final meeting in April, to 348.  Our President’s Project over these two years was Baby Basics and we collected $11,000 towards that project.  By the end of our NWC season, we had distributed $121,800 in philanthropic donations.  At our Presidents’ Luncheon on April 13, 2022, we awarded our very first Honorary Membership to Liz Becton-Read for her extraordinary philanthropic contributions to Naples Woman’s Club.


It was quite a year for the Naples Woman’s Club!  On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian swept through Naples and inundated our Clubhouse with 10 to 12 inches of water, leaving our furniture afloat and submerging our belongings.  Quickly, we engaged remediation experts.  The flood damage demanded we remove 24” of dry wall (from the bottom up, on every wall), all the cabinetry, and the carpeting.  Our furniture had to be thrown away. Our electrical system, security-gate, and computers all had to be replaced.

Our monthly General Meetings were moved and held at the Naples Art Institute, The Conservancy of SWFL, and the Naples Botanical Garden.  Board meetings were held in the Board Rooms of various financial institutions around town. Also lost were hundreds of books destined for our two Little Free Libraries.  Several GFWC Florida clubs rallied behind us and sent us books or checks, so we did not have to skip a beat while keeping our libraries stocked.

With great joy, we moved back into our fresh, beautifully restored and repaired Clubhouse in April, 2023.

During the seven months of the restoration, NWC continued to serve the community, beginning only days after the hurricane, when we donated all our undamaged flea market merchandise to other hurricane victims. Hands-on volunteering continued year-round for Meals of Hope and Baby Basics.  We collected hundreds of items for various local causes. We partnered with the Naples Juniors and the NWC Juniorettes to create Birthday Bags, filled with the makings of an instant birthday party and distributed by Meals of Hope.

Through it all, NWC held nine successful fundraisers, and still gave scholarships to 31 deserving students.  Additionally, we made two sizable grants and one designated donation, as we revamped our giving calendar.  Our dedication and our generosity were seen and felt throughout the community, so our membership continued to grow to 348 members strong, by end of season.


Fall 2023 found NWC seeing that which is old is new again. At the request of our NWC Environment Committee, we returned to drinking Club tap water from the faucet. Plastic water bottles were banned from our Clubhouse, and the Environment Committee installed a filter on one of the kitchen faucets. Then, we successfully revived our former Signature Fundraiser, the Kitchen Tour which we had abandoned due to COVID.  Our Board entered its second year of administration, so we were now the old guard, but with fresh ideas. As a Board, we went through the process of developing a Strategic Plan with five goals set to accomplish in 30 months. We were busy as always, but now moving toward specific goals and objectives. As one of Naples’ more prestigious clubs, we took part in our city’s 100th Anniversary; we were featured in the Naples Celebration Video, and we marched in the anniversary year Holiday Parade. As an organization, we were more focused on our members. We asked for their input via a Spring Survey. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. We recognized members with monthly heroine awards, and we nominated our members for various local, district and state awards.  All in all, it’s been a good year!!!!


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