Jalna MacLaren joined the NWC in 2002 and served on the board as Community Improvement Chair, Chair of Dining for Philanthropy, Fundraising Chair, Treasurer, 1st VP and President. 

Jalna is from 100% Greek background and graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a BS in Home Economics Education and a Masters in Career and Technology Education. Her education career began in the Toledo Public Schools inner city. She served as the supervisor of Family Life and Adult Education. During her career she founded the Center for Change supporting at–risk families and students thru acquiring federal and state grants. She became the Director of Vocational Education and prides herself in developing the first Engineering Manufacturing Technology Program with the Edison Industrial Systems Center.

The last three years of her professional life she worked as the Product Development Manager for Express Bill, Inc. now a division of the ENVOY Corp. Retired, she now assists her husband in their various business ventures, with priorities for family, friends and service!

Jalna and the love of her life, Ken, have been married 42 years with 2 daughters, 2 step daughters and one step son. They have 10 grandchildren. They are residents of Naples in the winter and Toledo, Ohio in the summer.